Private companies

Management Consulting Services: Strategy
• Market entry strategy (for a new target market such as country or region)
• Market sizing estimates and market segmentation
• Pricing strategy: Pricing strategy, methodology and operations
• New product/service roll-out (product and services marketing plan)
• Internet start-up planning and roll-out
• Organizational design: For restructuring, privatization, merger integration or start-up
• Operational and business model design for business unit/company
• Change management: As part of privatization, post merger integration or business process engineering efforts
• Pre-merger integration
• Post-merger integration
• IT strategy (client server, package solutions, systems integration, target application design, technical infrastructure design and mainframe/terminal)
• IT program management office (PMO)

Management Consulting Services:  Performance improvement
• Capital budgeting: Investment analysis
• Turnaround and performance improvement
• Program management for package implementations (ERP, CRM, SCM)
• Operations strategy (including outsourcing, co-sourcing and shared services)
• Manufacturing strategy (number and location of factories)
• Supply chain strategy (number and locations of warehouses, distribution nodes and delivery locations)
• Business process engineering; Developing business processes for research and development, sales, marketing, customer care, warehousing, logistics
• Manufacturing, billing and collections