Expertise & Competencies

Competencies allow Brannan Consulting clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Brannan consulting's core competencies and industries are:

• Corporate strategy
• Operations strategy
• Organizational design strategy
• Change management
• Operations; SCM, spend management, CRM, FCM, human resource management
• IT strategy; SAP, Oracle, Web 2.0 technology, infrastructure

• Automotive, chemicals and oil and gas, consumer goods and retail, engineered products, financial services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and transportation
• Media companies; publishing and entertainment companies

We do have a special emphasis and extensive experience with the following industries
• High tech and telecom; hardware, telco systems
• High tech and technology; hardware, computers, biotechnology
• Equipment vendors; routers, PBX systems, game consoles
• Software; operating systems, middleware, cloud software, big data, AI and IOT
• Telecommunications; wireless (4G, 5G, WAN, broadband), wireline, cable companies
• Information companies; search, browser, content, financial info industry
• Life Science companies; biotech, medical device and pharma companies