Consultants of "Brannan Consulting" are encouraged to spend non-chargeable time to advise non-profit institutions.
Brannan Consulting than reimburses the consultants for their expenses.
Major non-profit organizations provide support in areas such as art and culture, environment, and international aid.

We are committed to support the following institutions:

Cultural institutions; museums, concert buildings, opera's

We provide free advice in the areas of branding, market demographic analysis, fund raising analysis and recommendations.

Special purpose charity institutions

Such as non profit research institutions that support non-commercial basic research for Parkinson's disease and/or for elimination of neurological disorders. We provide advice on (branding) positioning, demographic analysis and fund raising.

Non-profit institutions; focused on technology

Doing basic research to develop new technologies or make cutting edge technologies more pervasive in society.

Educational Institutes; colleges, universities

We provide advice on alumni fund raising, positioning, branding and alumni relationships

Family trust funds

Focusing on non-profit purposes: we advice on brand management, return on spend and spend target identification