Industry white-papers

Members of the Brannan Capital team have written white-papers on the following topics:

Globalization: How to take advantage of the global market place
• Sourcing globally goods and services
• Leveraging low cost and market growth opportunities in newly developed countries such as China, India and others to lower the (
amongst others) costs of back office processes and operations
• Unlocking the market potential of newly developed countries to capture new markets and customers

Growth strategies
• How to capture growth through new products, services and innovation
• Reach customers in newly developed regions (Eastern Europe, India, China)
• Attract new customers and develop new customer segments
• Revenue enhancement and dynamic scenario planning

Private equity
• Due diligence analysis from a market perspective: 8 years industry growth forecasting
• Portfolio planning and EBITDA improvements that are embedded in the organization
• Business plan and scenario planning that is future proof
• Turnaround and restructuring of companies with minimal impact on stakeholders

Go to market strategy (sales & marketing motions)
• Channel strategy
• Brand (personalization)
• Marketing effectiveness

Industry convergence
• media, IP and convergence
• Consolidation software industry
• Web 2.0 transformation

• Improving time to market
• Increasing the commercial value of new products and services
• Product life cycle Management (PLM)

“ Human Capital “: Organizational changes that originate from
• Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
• A newfound focus of organizing the organization around customers needs
• A need to make the organization more agile to respond to rapidly changing customer demands
• How to attract and maintain the “best and the brightest”
• Incentive and compensation systems
• Collaboration between employees

Performance improvement: Improving EBITDA through focused programs
• Supply chain improvements
• Sales and marketing functions performance improvements
• Lead to order costs reduction
• Lead to order to cash process cost reduction
• Lean manufacturing and single-piece process flow

IT strategy
• Outsourcing strategies and options such as business technology outsourcing (BTO)
• Business process outsourcing (BPO), use of application services providers (ASP’s) and shared services
• How to use IT as a strategic asset: strategic enterprise application architecture (SEAE)
• Program management requirements for outsourcing, systems integration and SEAE projects
• Impact of convergence (IP, telephony and video) on companies
• Potential of new ecommerce developments (e.g. Social Networking, Cloud Computing and Big Data) on the top and bottom-line of companies