Mission Statement

Transforming industries
Accelerating performance

One company at a time to better serve customers, shareholders and other stakeholders

Our beliefs

We always remain loyal to our following core beliefs about how to best to advise and serve our clients.

Value maximization
Maximization of value is accomplished through fact based detailed analysis. We provide excellent advice with respect to business and restructuring alternatives and have the ability to drive an engagement to its conclusion. Most importantly we draw on the extensive experience of our team.

Absolute confidentiality, trust, and integrity
Brannan Consulting prides itself on its absolute client confidentiality and always doing what is best for our clients.
Brannan goes to great lengths to protect the confidentiality of clients and prospective clients alike and effectively managing the security of all internal, inbound and outbound communications and documents.

Absence of conflicts of interests
Brannan Consulting is not engaged in executive search, market research, business process outsourcing, application maintenance or the numerous other businesses conducted by large management consulting firms. Brannan Consulting is not all things to all people.
Relationship focus
Brannan Consulting focuses on a limited number of clients and every assignment is considered very important.
We maintain close ties with public and private companies and and financial firms in and around technology intensive industries.

Swift resolution
Experience shows that the outcome and results of all engagements can be enhanced through quick issue resolution. The primary goal is to drive every engagement to a consensual resolution without the expense of delays because of extensive issue resolution procedures.
Brannan Consulting always targets an aggressive plan for the transformations we manage with every step in the process detailed in the engagement's customized project plan.

Senior-level attention
Brannan Consulting's hallmark is in serving clients consistently and with active senior-level attention for every assignment.
The Brannan Consulting team has proven engagement execution experience and is committed to serving as a trusted consultant to each and every client we serve.